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Develop your business together with excellent staff!

Businesses in the travel, hotel, and leisure industries prosper by giving their consumers extraordinary experiences.


​We are the leisure and travel sector executive recruiters who can provide your business with the ideal personnel thanks to our collaborative approach and in-depth understanding of the market.

Wherever in the world you need personnel - rest assured, HospitalityHR will find them! 

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Why AboutHR?

Why HospitalityHR?

1 week

is the time we fill vacancies for 45% of our clients


of client vacancies are filled with 1 candidate submitted

25 000

candidates from CEE in our database ready for relocation 

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HospitalityHR is an international hospitality recruitment agency and your reliable partner for recruiting hospitality professionals. HospitalityHR will hire for you the best staff in Canada. We also recruit and relocate staff from Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Mexico, India, Thailand and other countries. 


Our clients run businesses in the following sectors:

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Senior living facilities 

We also provide services for the recruitment of private chefs and catering companies.


When the times of restricted borders in 2019-2021 came to an end, many tourism and people-oriented businesses faced problems in recruiting highly qualified hospitality professionals. That's when the idea of creating an international hospitality recruitment agency came up. Today we help to fill such vacancies as:

  • Executive Chef

  • Specialty Chef

  • Private Chef

  • Restaurant Manager

  • Kitchen Manager

  • Wait Staff

  • Event Coordinator

  • Hotel President or Vice President

  • Executive Director

  • Hotel Manager

  • Food & Beverage Manager

  • Sales & Marketing Manager

  • District & Regional Manager

  • Social Worker

  • Caregiver & Nurse


Many companies struggle to find skilled employees for their particular hospitality industry so they often turn to hospitality recruitment agencies. HospitalityHR solves these problems:

  • We have more than 25,000 candidates in our database ready to relocate to your country

  • 37% of our clients' vacancies are filled with just 1 candidate, so you won't spend a lot of time on interviews

  • We fill 45% of our clients' vacancies in 1 week because we value your time and understand your needs.


We can help you hire an entire team or staff for your Canadian business. You will receive only those candidates who meet your requirements, speak English at a sufficient level, have the ability to sign the type of contract you need, are available within a reasonable time frame and are interested in your vacancy and company. 

In addition to hospitality recruitment services, we will offer you free consultations on the following issues:

  • The best locations for your vacancies;

  • The cost of hiring a hospitality professional;

  • The best strategies to fill your vacancy. 


With HospitalityHR, you can quickly and easily hire chefs and bartenders, receptionists and hotel support managers, event coordinators, and senior housekeepers, as well as other staff for related industries. HospitalityHR respects the code of ethics of recruitment firms and ensures that all parties in the recruitment process are satisfied. We are aware of all the necessary legal regulations, such as PIPEDA, and guarantee that the recruitment process will be quick and smooth.


If you need professional help with recruiting staff for your hotel, restaurant, or senior facility business, please contact us at or fill out one of the forms on our website. 

Leave it to us to fill your vacancies!                                                                  blog

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